Sleep Packages

The purchase of sleep packages are available via Paypal by purchasing directly below. Upon payment, contact Sweet Dreamz Baby to set up your appointment. Installment payment options for purchases over $100 are available upon request.

Nap call: ask me anything about naps


Is your little one older than five months and you are seeking a helping hand with getting good naps down? An ‘ask me anything’ 45-minute call can help set you off on the right track. Additional follow on support is available as an ‘add-on’ (see below).

Pregnancy/Expectant Parents: a 45-minute call


Are you pregnant and want to start immediately with creating good sleep habits from the start? You can never start too early! This package helps you lay the foundation to help your baby on their journey to healthy sleep. This package is also a thoughtful gift to expecting parents. What can be better than giving the gift of sleep?Purchase this as a gift for someone special. We discuss sleep expectations, recognizing sleep signals, reassurance techniques, swaddling, healthy sleeping habits and all the questions you have in advance. This includes a 45-minute phone/video call, with a full presentation on all the sleep secrets and access to an online guide to newborn sleep to see you through the first months.

Newborn (0-3 months): a helping hand


The first months are a whirlwind of sleepless nights and frequent feedings. Your newborn baby will be struggling with day and night confusion and because your baby’s brain is not developed enough yet for sleep training, we offer a package that supports you right now and sets you on the right track. Your new baby is too young for sleep training, but it’s never too soon to start forming good sleep habits. We discuss sleep expectations, how to recognize sleep signals, reassurance techniques, swaddling, pacifiers, healthy sleeping habits and talk about all the questions you have. This includes a 1-hour phone/video call, with a full presentation on all the sleep secrets and access to an online guide to newborn sleep to see you through the first months.

Infant (4+ months): 3-week support package*

20% discount for August start dates! Was $370, now $296. Must purchase before 15 July.


Creating the sleep habits that will take you and your family towards great sleep. This is for for those wanting ongoing guided support and a tailor-made sleep plan for your little one. This 3-week package includes a 30 minute phone/video call to review your consultation form and parenting style. Receive a custom sleep plan of more than 12 pages to guide you on your special journey and answer any questions you may have over another 30 minute phone/video call. Send and receive unlimited emails and receive guided support via an online sleep tracker. Receive a 20-minute phone/video call towards the end of the package to review progress. Finally, receive some custom goodbye tips at the end of the 2-weeks to help you on your way.

All ages: a 30-minute call


This is for parents wanting some fine-tuning and not a full support package. Maybe you have read all the sleep books and just need a check-in! This also includes past parents who have a new issue to discuss. This package does not include a custom sleep plan. We can generally cover 1 issue (maybe 2) in 30 minutes.

DELUXE Package. All ages: In-home support – not valid in 2020 due to COVID-19


Everything included in the 3-week support package (custom sleep plan, unlimited emails…) + one night’s support from bedtime (around 6.30pm) to 11.30pm in your house (in the DC metro area). I will be there to help you through your bedtime routine and during a night waking. Don’t worry, I can sneak out quietly at the end of our time! This package includes unlimited texts on the 2nd and 3rd night from 6.30 – 9.30pm.

Add on packages/extras (do not expire. contact directly to purchase)

Two follow up emails: $30

30-minute phone/video call: $75

60-minute phone/video call: $135

* The 3-week period starts upon receipt of the sleep plan

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