Face Value

I’ve thought about writing this blog for a long time. It isn’t easy. It’s an honest reflection after the countless times that parents have asked me what they can expect with sleep training. I have four values which underpin the support I provide to parents. This drives everything I do when helping you move towardsContinue reading “Face Value”

Nap tips for (tele)working parents in the time of coronavirus

With schools, daycares and nurseries closed or imminently closing for many around the world, working parents are now facing juggling even more balls than before. Coronavirus/COVID-19 has hit us all hard. It’s hit working parents even harder as they face balancing work and childcare at home for the foreseeable future. As a full time workingContinue reading “Nap tips for (tele)working parents in the time of coronavirus”

Traveling with kids

Holiday season is upon us! While we eagerly await the arrival of our summer holiday, so begins the mind-boggling torture of wondering how our precious little ones will cope with the inevitable change in sleeping schedules as we travel across multiple time zones.  Here are some of my top tips to get your baby sleepingContinue reading “Traveling with kids”

About Me

Hi, I’m Anna. A child sleep coach, tea drinker and early-to-bed advocate! I spend most of my free time with my family hiking in our local forest. This blog is for parents who share my love of great sleep and need some back-pocket sleep tips for those sleepless nights!

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