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Nap tips for (tele)working parents in the time of coronavirus

With schools, daycares and nurseries closed or imminently closing for many around the world, working parents are now facing juggling even more balls than before. Coronavirus/COVID-19 has hit us all hard. It’s hit working parents even harder as they face balancing work and childcare at home for the foreseeable future. As a full time workingContinue reading “Nap tips for (tele)working parents in the time of coronavirus”

Sleep Scheduling Stress?

A common question from parents is does my child have a sleep problem? It’s not difficult to understand their confusion. Hey, don’t all babies have trouble sleeping?! As parents of brand new babies, we can find it challenging to adjust to the new baby’s sleep schedule. When baby starts sleeping longer hours, we are thrilledContinue reading “Sleep Scheduling Stress?”

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