What’s your sleep coaching approach?

At Sweet Dreamz Baby, we believe that parents are central to improvements in sleep and are 100% the best judge of what their baby needs. Therefore, all plans designed to enhance or improve sleep are designed in collaboration with parents. Having as much detailed insight into your baby’s sleep up front during the consultation call is a critical step in getting the plan for you and your child right.

Do you use cry it out methods?

No. Not unless requested. At SDB, we are trained in all methods and identify the one most suited to you and your child’s needs – you know your child best. The gentlest methods are the most requested approaches and are designed to support babies in gently aiding better sleep over time. These approaches can take time and it is important that parents keep this in mind when we start working together.

How long does it take to see results?

It all depends on which method you choose and the temperament of your child. It is possible to see results in just a few nights. No matter how long it takes, consistency is the key. Sticking with the plan is what is going to deliver improvements.   

What is in a bespoke sleep plan?

The sleep plans are designed after a thorough consultation call with parents. It is a 10+ page plan that is tailored to you and your baby’s needs and covers everything you need to know to start implementing a plan of action. It also includes a couple of methods that we will discuss in detail to use for bedtime and wakeups.

Why am I asked to complete a consultation form?

Great question! The information provided on the form allows us to get straight to the point during our consultation call. We can then spend more time discussing the areas that you want most to tackle, but without missing out any essential information elsewhere. Improvement in sleep tends to require a number of changes and tweaks in all sorts of areas (the environment, routine, schedule etc) and understanding the whole picture is essential. 

What if I pay for your services and we realize they aren’t needed, or that you need to refer me to someone else?

If we find that you would be better suited to talk with another professional, a pediatrician for example, your payment will be reimbursed in full. If you decide that you don’t wish to continue a package that we have already begun, we can discuss another suitable option for you so we can continue working together.

How do I book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your packages and my needs before I purchase?

Sweet Dreamz Baby offers one free 15-minute consultation upon request. These are offered every Friday morning, between 9-11am EST (2-4pm UK time). Email me directly your ideal date and time. Or book directly via Facebook in a couple of clicks.

I’ve tried so many methods on my own. How do you know that your support will help?

As a mother myself, I realize that the idea of devouring a couple of infant sleep books to solve your little one’s sleep issues sounds easy and ideal. And, frankly, cheaper than hiring a professional! Yet, the reality is that there is a whole science behind infant sleep that is rarely touched upon in the standard sleep books available. Most of the popular books also just push one type of method, which may not suit your child’s temperament or your family values. As a certified sleep coach, I have a rigorous assessment process that will help us pinpoint and fine tune the details of a plan you probably won’t have tried before. If you have, we’ll try something else! And I will be there with you every step of the way to guide, troubleshoot and encourage you.

Do you teach classes or speak to groups?

Yes! I love coaching others. Every quarter I run an online newborn sleep class for new and expectant parents. I keep classes small to be able to offer a workshop-type experience. I also lead workshops on toddler and older children sleep issues. Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss a bespoke group workshop.

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