Ending Toddler Sleep Troubles

Toddler Sleep Workshop for Families with 18month – 4 year old children

Does your toddler keep you awake at night? Do you have multiple call backs every bedtime or during the night? Do they seem wired at bedtime and stay up later and later?

If you answered YES to any of these, this workshop is for you!

Over the course of three 1-hour sessions (3-hours total!), you will learn the secrets of getting your toddler to bed in a fun, gentle and loving way. And, know exactly what to do if they wake during the night. Tools and tricks of the sleep trade will be shared for practice at home. This course is designed to operate with multiple families who organize themselves into a group, lowering the price to as little as US$75 per family (for three hours of professional sleep coaching + tools and handouts!). This is the first workshop of its kind!

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Three 1-hour online sessions available on demand
(3 hours total )

Who is this for?

Families with toddlers aged 18 months – 4 years old who are currently experiencing sleep issues.

How does it work?

Each session is 60 minutes and is designed to cover the most important aspects of toddler sleep within 30 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes is for the group to discuss their own toddler sleep issues and find solutions with a sleep professional.

How many families can join?

From 1-6 families can join (maximum of two parents or caregivers per family).

Pros and cons: More families in one group lowers the cost to each family. Fewer families increases the time spent on your sleep issue.

How do I organize a group?

You are responsible for organizing a group and paying upfront for the workshop. Find families who are experiencing similar sleep issues or have kids of around the same age. Then check what days/times you are all available for three consecutive weeks.

How do I pick a workshop time?

Once the payment is made, I will work with you by email to find a start date and time that works. Each session will be held between 9am-5pm EST (Monday-Friday) on the same day and time each week. The workshop will end three weeks after beginning.

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I will email you upon payment to secure your start date. And you can also email me at: anna.sweetdreamzbaby@gmail.com


Anna Gerrard
Certified Sleep Coach

I’m a certified sleep coach for babies and toddlers, with years of experience in helping families get better sleep.

I’m based in Washington, D.C. and work online with families all over the world. I am available to offer in-person services in the DMV area on demand.

Get to know me by booking a free 15-minute chat!

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